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welcome to once upon an icon, an icon website for abc's once upon a time. look inside for all your roleplaying needs! just a few things to remember:

1 → i make icons by episode. starting with newer ones and possibly backtracking to earlier seasons.

2 → expect more icons of people i care about: my favorites are hook, emma, and regina. i will still make icons of the rest, though, with some exceptions. i won't make icons of secondary characters that probably won't ever be played. and i will not ever, with no exceptions, make icons of rumpelstiltskin.

3 → in general, i only make icons with caps from the show. i might made candid / photoshoot / manip icons, but i will not make icons of rose mciver in petals on the wind. if you have requests, drop them here.

4 → for simplicity, i will post icons by episode, not by character. i will try to sort them in-post by character, though. search the tags to find specific characters/pairings.

5 → i really don't care about credit, but i would appreciate it somewhere so others can find the icons. be it in a profile, next to one of the icons, or telling if someone were to ask.

that's all! enjoy, and have fun with them.

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